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Crossroads | KFC Funny Commercial

Posted by Techi Jedi
In the U.K., the Christmas meal is all about turkey. So what do you do when your raison d’etre is chicken? KFC has the answer; get the chicken to troll the turkey. In a hilarious Western-style film, created by Mother London and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig at MJZ, a turkey and a chicken face off in a wintry landscape to the soundtrack of the theme music from Ennio Morricone’s classic Western “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” We see a rooster strutting across snow and ice before finally coming face to face with his nemesis, an enormous turkey. While the turkey is bigger and can fluff up its feathers, the rooster is fiercer and sees him off with a flap of its wings before the spot ends with the words: "Turkey comes and goes. But chicken’s here to stay." The TV and cinema spot is part of a wider campaign includes outdoor ads and press ads, in which KFC trolls turkey with comments like “Best of luck with the turkey this Christmas” and “The trick to enjoying Christmas turkey? Lowering your expectations.” Monica Pool, marketing director of KFC, says in a statement: “We close our restaurants on the 25th allowing turkey to have its moment in the sun. Every other day of the year, you needn't worry, KFC will be there.” Hermeti Balarin, partner at Mother, adds: “There’s only one day of the year in which you can’t get your favorite fried chicken, KFC. And that’s the 25th of December. Chicken rules the roost on the other 364 days.”
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