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Web Diva It's Mother's Day this Sunday, just a reminder in case you need to make something special.
May 11

Mark Ransome Friday is here again and it's the beginning of the weekend and I have got the whole weekend all to myself for a change, but I won't get bored, I've got a bit gardening to catch up on and because it's been a busy week, lot's of website stuff to catch up on too, so "Happy Weekend" everyone! :)
May 19

Alexis Bello Happy Saturday ya'll! :)
May 27

Techi Jedi My eyes are going to pop out and roll around on the floor from this headache. Will be back later. :-O (t)
Apr 14

Draconis Morbidius Okay, I'm officially addicted to the female vocal band "Night Club":
Apr 23

Shelley Siegel I’m having a Pampered Chef Party just in time for holiday baking. It’s been a really long time since I’ve partied Pampered Chef Style…. They have some great new products. Here is a direct link to the party
October 1, 2021


Mikel Coreclark Well, thats me done for the day. my brain and bank balance are tired battered and briused.. Wages done and paid, pensions done and paid, bills done and paid. I need a rest now. |-)
Feb 6