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Web Diva Yesterday, was not a normal day. I had to take one of our dogs to the vet, as he had a seizure. It was the first seizure we've seen, but looking back, we realized he had his first seizure about 6 weeks ago. He's doing better today, but tired.
Jul 16

Mike Smith \ud83c\udf85\ud83c\udf85
May 3, 2022

Drac Morbis Just wanted to say how nice it is to have friends like Web Diva. No judgement, always sweet and friendly! Thanks for being you and for being a friend! (L)
May 11

Mark Ransome Happy Friday and weekend all! :D
May 10

Techi Jedi Chat is disabled and won't be back. Vulnerabilities.
May 30

Alexis Bello The eclipse was AWESOME!! How did everyone else enjoy it? :)
Apr 9

Mikel Coreclark Oh my days... who of thought remodeling a bathroom could make so much dust... on the upside.. I found a on old dead spider... wonder what that antique could fetch..
Jan 3

Ceri Conner Hey Realmer’s howz it goin?
April 4, 2022