About Friend's Realm

We are a social community where you can share your digital pulse in your own social space; share, and inspire your way.

Welcome to Friend's Realm

Friend’s Realm is a new revolutionary social community that connects people with their friends and family in realms all around the world. Friend’s Realm was created especially for encouraging organic conversation, provide moderation without bias, and equip members with the tools to share their life’s moments. Friends can fly in with quick updates or stay and post for those long discussions.

The concept of Friend’s Realm was developed to fulfill the demand for an unparalleled social community platform option structured with a contemporary layout. Designed with care to maintain familiar user preferences and tools, while including essential quick posting features along with a classic forum framework to connect with friends and family.   We understand in this busy world that you need quick access at times for updates but may find a subject you are passionate about and would like to have the functionality with a dynamic forum to discuss intellectual, complex or philosophical topics.  A forum setting platform is available for those topics that deserve a preferred classic threaded view.  Friend’s Realm serves both communicating and posting alternatives to members.


Friend’s Realm Features:

  • Connect with family and friends and make new friends!
  • Convenience and performance functionality for both desktop, your mobile phone and other devices.
  • Share your Realm Profile page with your friends and family.
  • Share your updates, status and life experiences, your way!
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Albums
  • Groups
  • Photo and Video Sharing.
  • Chat/IM
  • Private Messaging
  • Create and share your inspiration boards digitally through your Albums.
  • Notifications of new discussions and comments.
  • Easy on the eyes colors; light mode/dark mode options.
  • Quick cruising to your favorite spaces.
  • Easy to use menu’s and tabs.
  • Keeping features minimum to avoid crashes and frustrations.
  • Gamification light.
  • Friend’s Realm is Free.
  • No subscription fees.
  • No games
  • No News feed
  • No advertising or limited.
  • 24x7 free access
  • Need website assistance? Contact form available.
  • Friend’s Realm creators’ welcome suggestions to make your user experience optimum.
  • We care that you have features you like and won’t change what’s not broken.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age to use Friend's Realm.


Why Join Friend’s Realm?

Just enough places to go in the Realm but not get lost and always know where the party is!

Friend’s Realm members have complete control over their data, content and privacy settings.  Friend’s Realm content is member created for all content.

At the personal cost of the creators of Friend’s Realm, it’s our intent to provide a platform without advertising.  You can expect Friend’s Realm to have the classic vibe that many have craved merged with a modern platform that works seamlessly together.

How do I know that Friend’s Realm won’t disappear? Friend’s Realm is Texas built, Texas big and plans to become the ultimate alternative.

Friend’s Realm is free, no subscription fees, 24x7 free access to this epic social community platform.

Friend’s Realm is powered by friends.  Join today, to connect with friends and make friends with those you haven’t met yet!