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Spending a Day at a Cat Cafe in Japan🐈 | Mocha Lounge Ikebukuro East Exit Store

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Cat Cafe MOCHA is a popular cat cafe that is open all over Japan. The interior of the store is designed to be comfortable for both people and cats, and is fashionable like a cafe\ud83d\udc08 This time we spent a day at a cat cafe. Even if you stay for more than 2 hours, the price will not change, so you can spend a day for about3000 yen ($ 22.21). The cats are really cute\ud83d\ude2d\u2764\ufe0f I hope this video will be helpful when you visit a Japan's cat cafe. \ud83d\udcbbWebsite \ud83d\ude83\ud83d\udeb6‍\u2640\ufe0fHow to get to MOCHA Lounge Ikebukuro Higashiguchi 4 minutes walk from Ikebukuro station MAP: \ud83d\udcb0Price 220 JPY(1.63 USD) / 10 minutes *Holiday surcharge + 55 JYP(0.41 USD) Maximum Charge 2,640 JPY(19.54 USD) *Holiday surcharge +330 JPY(2.44 USD) *Separately 385 JPY(2.85 USD) is charged required fees for All-you-can-drink. \ud83d\udd51Opening hours 10:00am - 8:00pm /Last entry at 7:30pm Open all year round. \ud83d\udc66Age limit This shop can only enter the age of 13 and over. (Depending on the store). \ud83d\udc08Special thanks to cats Okoshi Tarutaru Myu Maple Marshmallow Dango Toranosuke Karin Chip Clara Chako Popo Maito Daina Reo Inari Katuo Mamekiti Rizu Bera Suzu Nagi Saku Rei \u231b\ufe0fTime Stamp 0:00 Opening 0:12 Heading to the cat cafe 0:30 MOCHA Lounge Ikebukuro Higashiguchi 4:17 Meal time 8:28 Feeding the cats 10:22 Lunch 11:32 Coming back to MOCHA 12:30 Cat ice cream 14:30 Desk work #CC_for_Subtitle #japantravel #catcafe #asmr β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” ・Titles, descriptions and subtitles done by auto translation so may not be correct. ・Prices may change depending on the season. ・We are thoroughly taking countermeasures against the virus.
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