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Jingle Cats Silent Night

Posted by Techi Jedi
From the YouTube creator: 'Silent Night' by the original world famous Jingle Cats. Thanks for Subscribing!!! JINGLE CATS MUSIC Comment Question: What do you think of this video? ***more info: What is "JINGLE CATS" and why is it popular? Jingle Cats 'Meowy Christmas' CD and cassette was released in 1993 when virtually all the holiday music was standard albums that had been out for years. Holiday music was for the most part a catalog item for record companies and not much attention was being directed toward Christmas records. (IMHO) Jingle Cats changed all that. It started as a little joke song in 1992 that repeated Jingle Bells over and over sung by cats. That's where the name Jingle Cats came from. The song needed a title, so Jingle Bells became Jingle Cats, the song. Some big radio stations played it in Los Angeles. That's why there is such a thing as Jingle Cats. So, in 1993, the album JINGLE CATS "MEOWY CHRISTMAS" was released with an independent distributor in the U.S. and it sold out all 100,000 copies that had been printed. The next year it sold double and even more in Japan and Canada. It reached number 10 on the Billboard catalog charts. Thank you for listening. Sincerely, Cheesepuff (CD premastering engineer: Jingle Cats) ***As an interesting side note: When I mastered Rhythm and Mews I had one side of my output channels wired out of phase and every mix that was recorded for that album was out of phase. A year of recordings mixed with some instruments in phase and some out of phase. When you flipped the phase to correct the problem and monitor in mono, some instruments would disappear from the mix (cancelled out). There was no way to solve this. But unfortunately, it was discovered and rejected by the CD plant. The album was remastered to be "in phase" for mono and the original sound was changed. That was the album that was released (also popular) and it never sounded right to me. Sorry, my fault. (It was traced to a Studer mixer that had the XLR output pins modified.)
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