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The United States- Drug Capital of the World

  • Recently, I watched a video on how the drug cartels work, as in their drug trafficking business, narco trade and what countries are funneled the most illegal drugs.  I wish I could find that particular map on the video because it indicated the United States were the largest consumers of illegal drugs in all of the world...a huge number over 8 billion spent on street drugs from marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and predominately fentanyl.

    This map below from this link does illustrate the United States dominance on drug use.

    The United States consumes more illicit drugs than any other country. It is estimate that approximately six percent of people in the United States use illegal drugs. Several other countries, including Greenland, the United Kingdom, and Mongolia, have rates of illegal drug use over five percent.

    My husband and I have also spent some time taking a look at videos illustrating the complete devastation of these drugs.  We've seen the streets in major cities filled with human beings lying on the streets impaired by their drugs.  Philadelphia, Oakland, San Francisco, Baltimore, cities in New Jersey, cities in Washington and Oregon and California.  Too many to list, but you can see if the drugs are so wide spread available, due to the Cartel's vast business network, you understand why America has such a drug abuse issue.

    Has any of you or your families been touched by drug abuse?  Since the pandemic, I'm aware of three deaths of friend's young people due to fentanyl.  Fentanyl is the latest drug that can be very deadly.  There is so much of it coming through our borders and our border patrol at the Texas border and Arizona border are doing their best to prevent it coming through but it's almost impossible to stop it.  The cartel's are very savvy in how they package their drug product and using mules (people assigned the duty of carrying the drugs across the border) to cross the border, as well as aviation assets from small sea planes to drones to get the drugs across the border. 

    An important point of fentanyl to remember is it sometimes just takes a tiny dose that may kill you.  Also, to note, is the drug cartel's are now using fentanyl to cut other drugs such as cocaine and heroine as the "high" from these older drugs are now enhanced by the fentanyl.

    In the United States and Canada, overdose deaths, predominantly driven by an epidemic of the non-medical use of fentanyl – which can be fatal in tiny doses, and is commonly used to ‘cut’ other drugs such as street cocaine - continue to break records.

    As we've watched these documentaries on drug use in America and what it's done to a lot of young people in their prime, your heart breaks because you know that there are so many reasons why these people started taking drugs, but then can't stop.  They once had a future in their life, but now are homeless, addicted and no one cares about them anymore. Their families have abandoned them, social services vary from state to state to help and these people have lost everything without the ability to crawl back.

    There are many arguments and discussions in the United States on how to stop the drugs coming across our border.  I don't think you can as anyone taking on this monstrous issue has to have the will and assets from both federal and local governments to manage this issue.  Over the past couple of years, the cartel's have overwhelmingly taken over our borders from drug trafficking to human trafficking.  A lot of these cartel's are packed with so much militarily, that they have more power then their own Mexican government and often out maneuver the US border patrol too.

    Drugs pray on the innocent, take hold and continue to break down humanity in the most destructive way.  Drugs take away the human spirit, and keep them in bondage until someone can help save them.  Drug abuse is not just a United States problem, it's world wide, but the United States is the leader in the illicit drug trade and drug abuse and that's nothing to be proud of.