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Protecting children from adult entertainment

  • June was Pride Month.  I'm fine with people celebrating what makes them happy, though as I've written before about labeling, I think it's a slippery slope to continue to put people in categories rather then accept their uniqueness.

    My issue with Pride Month is the number of Pride parades that took place in open public forums that were not family friendly.  Just as the United States and other countries set ratings on movies to protect children from seeing violence, bad language or sexual content, I'd argue the same for some of the display of nudity and provocative dancing that should remain in an adult entertainment setting.  There are adult businesses that prevent underage people from entering for a reason. I can't unsee the pictures and videos of some parts of these parades where small children were present.  Sure, you can say, a small child won't remember it, but I'd say, let a child keep their innocence until such time they are of an age to comprehend what they are seeing and even make the choice to go.

    Maybe I'm just too old fashioned and today "anything goes"? Public performances should have some kind of expectation of a family rating by the performers and organizers.  I'd just like children protected from adult performances in public just as they are by the movie industry and adult entertainment industry.

    The easy fix, in my humble opinion, is parade promoters, city officials or government entities could set some type of boundary rating system on performances of any genre or celebration defined by "all ages acceptable viewing" of what keeps parade entertainment in a G to PG rating.



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  • Mark Ransome Nice article and I totally agree with you. I have no problem with age, color, race, sexuality etc., but you're right, there should be a limit where children are concerned in certain things. To be honest, I had never thought about this before until now, a...  more
  • Web Diva Thank you for your thoughts. I wanted to be thoughtful and not provocative. I appreciate your input and yes, indeed an eye opener as I've never seen this type of entertainment in an open venue with children until recently.
  • Techi Jedi Good to see you writing more.I like these well thought articles without external links. It feels more natural. For your point, I agree on the adult entertainment here in the states. In many European areas, nudity is a natural thing. Here, it isn't. So, I...  more
  • Web Diva Thank you! I was a bit passionate about the topic, so writing comes easier. I can see your point about freestyle/opinion writing. It was almost like journaling (sp?). I got it out of my brain what was bothering me and shared it. I agree with your...  more