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What's your preferred mode of transportation?

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Just have to know what transportation you like best!
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  • Web Diva In the real world a car. In my fantasy world a broomstick (like Bewitched) or an amazing unicorn. Oh wait, you have teleportation too, but then a horse and buggy would do well for a romantic ride. Darn, how do I vote?
  • Alexis Bello Oh this is so complicated for me! So many good options. For the realistic options (from most favorite to least), I would say car, boat, plane, then train. For the fantastical or historical, I would say unicorn (unicorn over teleportation because it is my...  more
  • Mark Ransome Okay, car would nice but I don't have one! I do have a Private Pilots Licence but can't afford the plane! Train, boat and horse and buggy are not practical for me! Teleportation, maybe one day! Broomstick, that would be good if it came with magical...  more