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Social Media; Love it or Hate it

  • You either like social websites or you don't. 

    You either cave to the pressure of being on a social website for whatever reason you are caving, or you totally avoid it. 

    You either use a social website for business promoting reasons or you abstain from it for personal reasons.

    You share your whole life on a social website or you are there just to access and lurk.

    You had a social website account for years or you deleted your account out of principle, people were too toxic, or it was like a bad habit and you had to let it go.

    You have allowed your kids on social media, or you vehemently have said "no".

    You acknowledge social media is a dopamine high, or you are just chill and can live with it or without it.

    You have friends on social media that have a different online persona, or your friends are just the same online as in Real life.

    You have friends on social media that continue to surprise you with their politics, or you have friends that you know deep down who they are and they won't tread there.

    You made a lot of friends on social media and felt legendary, or you lost a lot of real life friendships because you or your friends crossed boundaries by posting information about you or you about them, that should not have ever been public.

    You have friends that are politically passionate, and often make you laugh because they don't hold back or you have friends that stay silent because what's posted online stays online.

    Whatever you think about social media and social websites, I get it. I've been there. 

    Where am I going with this?

    Social Websites do not have to be ugly and inflammatory.

    Social Websites can bring the best out of people.

    Social Websites should have fair unbiased moderation.

    Social Websites can be a space for learning.

    Social Websites with friends can be fun with friendly banter.

    Social Websites with family can be a space to share and connect especially if there's a lot of distance.

    Social Websites can be a space to introduce your business.

    Social Websites can be a place to share thoughtful opinions.

    I could write so much more about the influence of social media, not just from that big social media website rebranding with a new name, but that tweeting website too.  That big website has been in the forefront of influence for many years.  When it was building it's brand, many forums struggled to compete, as they all of a sudden were becoming obsolete. The forums that weathered that storm, were already forums that had a long history, established member base and provided specific content.  Forum platforms, tried to upgrade their versions to either look like that big website or added some similar features.  I used the vBulletin forum platform on a previous website I had and loved all of the features.  I'm just a hopeless classic, which is why I added a forum setting to Friend's Realm making Friend's Realm a new generation hybrid. Now all websites seem to have a similar template appearance but not all websites are the same.  Friend's Realm is hopeful to just stand on it's own without using other websites to gain visibility.  I believe there's a certain point of integrity and principle that one has to determine where you stand.  I do not stand with websites that are manipulative, share my data, account hacking, are always in the news because their platform is biased, and now they have to have a name change to save themselves from their deceptive practices. 

    For me personally, I built Friend's Realm for the good reasons and so much more.  I'm just a happily married mom, really wanting a safe space to share my day.  I found that discerning people need to start from a place of trust and the only way to reflect my values is to take that vulnerable step and share my thoughts.  I'm also just a forum throwback, remembering some really good days when people just talked, no hate, no agenda, made implicit but fun coffee spewing remarks and in general looked forward to friend's new posts.

    The classic websites that I recall, didn't have any of that concern.  Member's just posted and interacted and weren't afraid to say what they felt about a topic.  I want to see that come back.  I want to see free speech, that's respectful, to make a come back here at Friend's Realm. 


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