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  • Techi Jedi I can't stand "The Donald" as she called him but I had a lot of respect for her. She was a strong woman and, even though I don't like many of her offspring, I think she always did her best as a mom too. It's hard to not like someone who speaks...  more
  • Mrs T Life has a different meaning for everyone. How we spend our days and with whom we spend it with matter's too. I have three dogs always with me during the day. Our family life comes alive at night when my hubby is home from work and my daughter is...  more
  • Mrs T If you are a muscle car fan you will be interested to learn that Dodge's next-gen Challenger and Charger will no longer be gas powered, they will be all electric.
  • Mrs T Actress Anne Heche, had a terrible car accident last week. She ran into a home, which caught on fire and also set fire to her car which she was also burned. She has been in a coma and will not make it. She had toxic substances in her. Drinking and...  more